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Sizing Image Courtesy protecbrand.com



        Ok, so the people here at protechelmet.com have been around since before the MOSA Sports days. They were testing and slinging helmets long before Vans, Dye Precision, or Bravo Sports decided to come along and take control of the brand. Many of us have worn Pro-Tec helmets since the early eighties. Today when ordering your precious Classic helmet "oh the precious!" it is not going to fit like it did in 2005. Why you ask??? Well you would have to ask the manufacturers in China that question, but what we can tell you, (as we are American made manufacturers), is that equipment, tooling, and models change over time. 

        When a new tool is made you have what's called "shrinkage rate" on the plastic. The goal is to make as little variance as possible, but that is not always the end result. This may cause the size to be bigger or smaller than the previous fit. The sizing of the new models are "off" as compared to previous fits; "off" meaning a Classic helmet in Medium fits like a large now. How do we know this? Well we have been distributing Pro-Tec helmets to customers all over the world for over a decade and protechelmet.com has inventory (nostalgia!) pre-dating all the newer manufacturers, going back as far as 2004 packaged.

        The above size chart for Pro-Tec helmets is correct for helmets manufactured after 2015, as shown on the protecbrand.com website and according to Bravo Sports the newer models will fit according to the chart posted. 

      Before 2015, Pro-Tec models are 1 size bigger than what you would fit into now: (compare charts)

Size Chart Comparison (2004-2014) A LARGE MEANT U WERE WEARING A LARGE!

Previous owners of Pro-Tec models please adhere to the following when purchasing any new models:

As of 2016, if you fit into a large helmet previous to 2014 you will now fit into a medium, if you were a medium, you are now a small.

If you compare the new Pro-Tec size chart you will see the new size chart is one size up from a correct universal hat size as seen in chart below. In other words the sizing is plain wrong. A medium is a large, and a small is a medium.

If you need an XL, order a large, if you need large, order a medium. If you need medium, order a small. Hopefully Bravo Sports will figure out their dramatic sizing mistakes and correct the issues before a mutiny is at foot. We have been taking calls from all over the planet on the sizing problem and have a multitude of customer photo comparisons that prove it's no small fluke. 

Here at protechelmet.com we'll work with every customer to make sure you receive the proper fit, a liner kit to make it right, or that your return is processed to get you into the right fit! In the mean time...  


We hope you understand! If not give us a call and we'll splain it! Either way we'll make sure you get the helmet that fits correct as we have done for over a decade!

Below is an accurate head chart guide for sizing courtesy sportsprotective:


SXP VS 2 Stage Foam

2 Stage Foam

SXP Foam (CPSC Certified)

2 Stage Foam is thick and sticks to the shell of the helmet by velcro tabs.

The SXP foam is not removable and connected to the shell of the helmet. A thinner padded liner sticks to the SXP by velcro tabs.

Notice the thickness of the removable foam insert. Crown piece is not replaceable. 2 Stage Foam is more comfortable to wear and fits more snug on the head. 2 Stage Foam helmets have a lower profile on the head.

Notice that the padded inserts are much thinner than the 2 stage foam and crown piece is replaceable. SXP provides more impact resistance than 2 Stage Foam. Helmets with SXP have a bigger profile on the head. 

CPSC certified (SXP foam) helmets are mandatory in California.

Surface activated eXpanded Polypropylene (SXP), a patented, multi-impact helmet technology that is ideal for action sports athletes.

Click here to find out more about CPSC certification.

Want to learn about EPS foam? click here 


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