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The Difference Between SXP Foam and 2 Stage Foam


2 Stage Foam

SXP Foam (CPSC Certified)

2 Stage Foam is thick and sticks to the shell of the helmet by velcro tabs.

The SXP foam is not removable and connected to the shell of the helmet. A thinner padded liner sticks to the SXP by velcro tabs.

Notice the thickness of the removable foam insert. Crown piece is not replaceable. 2 Stage Foam is more comfortable to wear and fits more snug on the head. 2 Stage Foam helmets have a lower profile on the head.

Notice that the padded inserts are much thinner than the 2 stage foam and crown piece is replaceable. SXP provides more impact resistance than 2 Stage Foam. Helmets with SXP have a bigger profile on the head. 

CPSC certified (SXP foam) helmets are mandatory in California.

Surface activated eXpanded Polypropylene (SXP), a patented, multi-impact helmet technology that is ideal for action sports athletes.

Click here to find out more about CPSC certification.



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